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Maurizio Bongiovanni

Lives and works between London and Milan.

Selected Solo & Two Person Exhibitions

2019 Fiore Aperto Fiore Chiuso, Galleria Richter, Rome, IT

2019 Peacock’s Eyes, Studio d’Arte Cannaviello, Milan, IT

2019 Ever Fallen,Metodo Milano Artist Run Space, Milan, IT

2019 Window Project, Federico Lugar Gallery, Spazio 22, Milan, IT

2017 The Original Face, Century Club, London, UK2015 Goldfinch, Uluntu Bermondsey, London, UK

2014 CRISCO DISCO and The Totem Paintings, at Fondazione FUORI!, Turin, IT

2012 As We May Think, Galleria Uno+Uno, Milan, IT2012 It makes me tense, MARS Milan Artist Run Space, Milan, IT

2011 IARB International Art Residency Beijing at Where Where Art Space, Beijing, IT

2009 Abstraction-Action, Studio d’Arte Cannaviello, Milan, IT


Maurizio Bongiovanni

Mr Venus, 2018

Oil on canvas

59 x 45.2 inches

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