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Cathrin Hoffman

Cathrin Hoffmann is a German artist based in Hamburg. Often, at first glance, her paintings seem deterrent, and despite the clear graphic visual language, the figurative shapes do not seem immediately recognizable as beings. Yet, those who connive at the alleged nauseated impulse will moreover find humor and hope in her paintings. As a visual narrator, Hoffmann looks at our society with the inherent human mortal existence of every individual. IS EVERYTHING A MYTH? That ambivalence generates her artistic tension, which is reflected in the aesthetics of the interplay of certain surfaces and becomes the mirror of our humanity.

Smooth and polished with artificial 3D feel, which organically unites into strange bodies. For this she uses those image processing programs, she learned in the course of her education as a graphic designer and misuses those same effects until the pixels evolve into creatures. The artificiality is elevated to the form of life. In keeping with the prevailing cultural zeitgeist, which is characterized by the affinity for a copy, it finally reproduces its digital creation by immortalizing it on canvas in the same way. While being the human printer, Cathrin competes with the machine and demonstrates on closer scrutiny that she has failed. Those color saturated digital compositions that glow of illuminated screens, now move to the surfaces of non sterile canvases where dirt and brush hairs will stick on it. In that fragments of its residual reality, it thrives a maybe even more human and comforting parallel dimension.

Cathrin Hoffmann

Who is this cooperating counterpart, 2020

Charcoal and gel medium on colored paper

25.6 x 19.7 inches

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