Ai Weiwei Unveils ‘Cao/Humanity’ at UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles

A version of this article appears in Hypebeast with the headline: Ai Weiwei Unveils 'Cao/Humanity' at UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles

Over the weekend, Ai Weiwei opened up his first architectural project at UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles, entitled Cao / Humanity. A reaction to the millions displaced by wars and crisis, Humanity invites people around the world to share their stories via social media to speak as one collective human body. This is a special message for Ai to share with LA, as the home of a thriving population of immigrants from around the world. The second part of the title, Cao, is a Mandarin word that with a slight change in intonation, is regularly used in the phrase “F*#k your mother.” The word, “Cao” which translates to grass, is a commentary on the plant’s role within society. It is regularly trimmed, often abused, and has become a symbol of vanity. The way we use the grass is a big middle finger in the face of mother nature.

Combining much of the artists work from over the years, the show includes new pieces like Camera With Plinth(2018), which places security cameras on marble pedestals. The exhibit shows his witty empathy for the victims of the world, providing the hopeful message that individuals are integral to a body of people. Cao / Humanity is a reaffirmation of freedom and expression from the artist. The show runs until December 1, make sure to check it out.