Dark Fantasy At Home

In partnership with Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Dark Fantasy guides the viewer through a whimsical world of the fantastic and the obscure, questioning the constraints of reality and what it means to dream. By highlighting advanced and highly skillful techniques, traditional master craft and new technology, Dark Fantasy brings to life organic and telluric forms that allude to bygone eras of production. This virtual exhibition explores the functional artwork from by a selection of incredible artists from Carpenters Workshop Gallery’s program, creating a dialogue between space, time and contemporary archeology.

Hybridism, the current and most recent body of work, by the Campana Brothers, is a hybrid of sculptural experimentation, personal expression, and societal commentary. The Noah Candleholder is the smallest object from the series. It is a meditation on the end of world and the level of readiness, or unreadiness, the human race will have.


Interested in creating objects comprised of experience, mystery, and the visceral, El Zein created Hay to evoke the feeling of touch on the skin. Surreal in nature, Hay generates dislocation while embracing femininity and sensuality.

The idea of casting hot wax in ice might seem counterintuitive, but for Steven Haulenbeek, the unlikely combination represents a world of potential. He decided to see what would happen if he poured hot wax on a frozen sidewalk puddle. “The temperature shock caused it to ripple”, he describes. Inspired by what he saw, Haulenbeek set out to capture the resulting form’s rich textural quality. By chipping into ice blocks, he makes moulds, into which he pours in hot wax. The cooled wax form, which creates a complex texture, is then used in the ancient process of lost-wax bronze casting. Pouring molten bronze into the mould burns out the wax, allowing the metal assume its shape, the sand supports the metal as it hardens into the unknown end-result.

Studio Job

Banana Lamp (Model C), 2015
Polished bronze, etched mouth-blown glass, hand paintings, LED fittings
H6.3 L13.4 W9.8 inches
Limited edition of prototype

Ika Kuenzel

Caution! This is Rodeo (All Black), 2011
Mixed media with original saddle
H17.7 L17.7 W17.7 inches
Limited edition of 100

Charles Trevelyan

Circumspect White, 2013
Aluminum, marble powder, light fittings
H71.7 L20.9 W20.1 inches
Limited edition of 8

Maarten Baas

Clay Bronze Small Table Lamp, 2017
Bronze, light fixtures
H14.2 L15.4 W9.1 inches
Limited edition of 20

Maarten Baas

Clay Dining Chair Bronze (Patinated), 2016
L30.7 W19.7 inches
Limited edition of 10



Studio Drift

Dandelight (Concrete Base and Glass Dome), 2016
Dandelion seed, LED, bronze, concrete, glass
H11.42 L5.71 W5.71 inches


Studio Drift

Fragile Future 3.9, 2019
Dandelion see, phosphorus bronze, LED
H28.9 L24.8 W12.4 inches
Limited edition of 8



Najla El Zein

Hay, 2014
Pentelic marble, hay
H9.8 L8.7 W13.8 inches
Limited edition of 20

Steven Haulenbeek

ICB Lace Vessel #1, 2018
H15.7 L9.8 W9.8 inches
Limited edition of 8

Nacho Carbonell

Light Bronze Mesh_139/2019, 2019
Bronze mesh, bronze base, LED light bulbs
H27.6 L12.2 W13 inches

Frederik Molenschot

Lockdown Light 1 Table Lamp
Patinated bronze and warm white LED
H10.2 W5.1 L6.7 inches
Limited edition of 100, signed and numbered

Campana Brothers

Noah Table Candleholder, 2019
Cast bronze
H9.1 L7.1 W7.1 inches
Limited edition of 20

Atelier Van Lieshout

Ballerina Lamp, 2019
Patinated bronze, light fittings
H33.5 L28 W10.2 inches
Limited edition of 8




Atelier Van Lieshout

Venus Lamp Small, 2017
Bronze, light fittings
H14.6 L5.9 W6.5 inches
Limited edition of 20


Robert Stadler

24h Linda, 2005
LCD screen
H 11.9 L 14.5 W 2.2 inches
Limited edition of 3

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