Anoushka Mirchandani

Anoushka Mirchandani (b. 1988, Pune, IN) is an Indian-born, San Francisco-based artist. Mirchandani’s practice examines her experience as an Indian, Immigrant, Other, Woman. Her work probes ancestry, personal history, cultural and sociopolitical environments through a diasporic lens, exploring the micro-tensions and identity transformations that are part and parcel of code-switching and assimilation in a foreign land.

Her solo shows include Rhodes Contemporary Art, London (2021) and Glass Rice Gallery, San Francisco (2020).

Mirchandani’s group shows include Marianne Boesky Gallery, New York City, curated by Amoako Boafo and Larry Ossei-Mensah (2022); Glass Rice Gallery, San Francisco (2021); Legion Projects, Healdsburg (2021); Knowhere Art Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, New York (2021); Glass Rice Gallery, San Francisco (2020); California’s State Senator – Scott Wiener’s public offices, San Francisco (2019); Root Division, San Francisco (2019); Arc Gallery, San Francisco (2017-18).

As of May 2022, she was awarded the San Francisco Artist Grant (SFA) by the San Francisco Arts Commission. She has participated in multiple residencies including The Wassaic Project, Silver Arts Projects’ Digital Residency, Global Coralition, KYTA and Aegean Idea Lab.

Mirchandani recently made her debut with Yossi Milo Gallery at The Armory Show in New York (2022) and Untitled Art in Miami (2022)

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